Engineering plastics are widely used in household appliances sector including both small appliances like coffee, tea, toast, waffle machines and large appliances like dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner.

By using state of the art compounding technologies, reinforced plastics become strong candidates for metal replacement as being lightweight, strong, highly resistant to chemicals, heat and fire.

On the other hand, recyclable thermoplastics are also indispensable for household industry as an affordable eco-friendly solution. There is a tremendous trend to use more recyclable countertypes from the perspective of sustainability.

Politem provides customized competitive plastic solutions with all range of qualities meeting both functional and aesthetic expectations of home appliances sector.

Colorability | Chemical Resistance | High Strength & Toughness | Dimensional Stability | Flame Retardancy | Long-Term Durability | Design Freedom | Aesthetic Appearance


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