Automotive industry is one of the most important consuming sector of EP. Material usage trends are likely to grow and evolve considering the expanding market of E-vehicles. However, still having traditional –fuel driven– vehicles, EP manufacturers are working to serve with better quality components for automobile industry.

About 30.000 parts in a vehicle are plastic based. Roughly 40 different types of EP are used to make a vehicle. Politem provides high performance polymers for our automotive industry customer’s final products, which are essential for producing lightweight and durable car, trucks and other vehicles. EP are one of the key materials required for the structure, performance, and safety measures of vehicles.

Environmentalist approaches that we have started to see in every field of industry, eco-friendly solutions and projects to increase efficiency find a place for itself in the automotive industry, one of the largest sectors in the world. Being able to produce prime, hybrid and 100% recycled compounds cars have become, much more environmentally friendly both in production and in use.

Changing world standards and advancements in technology are pushing automotive producersto use plastic solutions that are lighter, highly resistant to fire and heat, flexible and stronger, at the same time resistant to chemicals, and more aesthetically attractive, have become indispensable for all cars.

As Politem we serve to Automotive industry with our know-how and state of the art machinery by conducting tailor-made compounds for the use in various engine parts, interior parts, brake systems and mechanical parts.

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